Policies & Principles


I maintain entire control of the site with technical help from Deborah Gray who is far more versed in all that stuff than I am. All text, recipes, and photographs are by me or by my wife – unless otherwise noted.

I don’t accept ads.  I do participate in the Amazon Associates program.

The “Food Sources” category is simply a way to provide at least one source for food products that may be mentioned in a post or recipe. I do not receive any kind of compensation from these sites.

The entire contents of this site are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything without my written permission.

If I feature a recipe that comes from someone else, it will be with their permission and I will credit them as the author of the recipe.


I pay for all the costs involved with restaurant visits, including all travel expenses.

I do not pre-announce (via mail, phone, email or on other social media) that my visit to a restaurant is for the purposes of a review.

I do not knowingly accept, nor do I seek, any subsidy, in any form, from anybody to avoid any potential conflicts of interests.

I do not review restaurants by invitation.

If there are exceptional circumstances surrounding a restaurant meal, which cause me to diverge from these principles, I will provide an explicit disclosure in my review.